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Men's Monastery Korennaya (Kursk Root) Hermitage of the Birth of the Holy Theotokos

Korennaya Hermitage Welcomes all Visitors!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Korennaya Hermitage Monks

The Korennaya Hermitage monks are members of the Russian Orthodox Church. There are 30+ Monks and Priests at this Holy Monastery. There are two services each day see the Schedule of Services Page. There is a Nuns Monastery located a few miles from here. This Monastery is the third most revered Holy Monastery in Russia.

May our Lord Jesus Christ Bless You!

NOTE: No English is spoken at this time at this monastery - Please secure a translator if needed in order to maximize your visit to this Holy Monastery.



Korennaya Hermitage Welcomes all Visitors!

Everyone is invited to come to this Holy Orthodox Monastery for day visits every day from 6:00 am till dusk. Orthodox Christain men and women pilgrims may visit for a few days of spiritual growth and quiet. Space is limited at this time but call first and They will make every attempt to accommodate all Orthodox brother and sisters. See the Scedule of Services page. Day visitors can view the main chapel and walk the grounds. Many people come to the monastery just for the Holy Spring Water.

Please, all guests are to be modestly dressed when on the monastery grounds. Men are asked to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Women are asked to wear long skirts (well below the knee), long-sleeved blouses, and scarves. A limited supply of clothing is available at the monastery. See: Korennaya Vistor Information Page.

Smoking and Alcohol within the monastery grounds is forbidden. Photographs of the buildings, the grounds, are allowed but in the church interiors no photos are allowed. Visitors may not photograph monks or overnight pilgrims.

Russia 306050:
Kursk region,
Zolotuhinsky area,
village of Svoboda,
Sovietskaya St., 17

Monastery Phone# 011-7-07151-4-14-07 **
Monastery Phone# 011-7-07151-4-15-76

E-mail Korennaya: (I do not have direct e-mail number for monastery right now. Maybe if you speak Russian you can try the Russian website

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