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Korennaya Hermitage Holy Springs

The Main Spring in the center
The Life Giving Spring of the Mother of God

On the left from the center:
Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker Spring

Saint Panteleimon the Healer Spring

Saint Anufriy Spring

Saint Seraphim of Sarov Spring

On the right from the center:

Unknown Name Spring

Saint Xenia of St. Petersburg Spring

The Mother of God of Kazan Spring

Each Holy Spring Has It's Own Special Blessing


Miracles are still happening...

At the Spring of the Holy Theotokos (The Mother of God) of Kazan that is also called the Eye Healing Spring, an astonition miracle happened just recently. A seven year old girl named Alla came to the Monastery with her mother. She had very bad eyes and could not see well. When they came to the Spring her mother said to her to pray to the Mother of God so She can heal her eyes. So Alla prayed and then started up the ladder witch goes up to the Monastery orchard. Alla told of what happened when she was going up the ladder. She had heard a noise as if somebody was walking on the leaves and next she heard her name to be called. At that moment see was in the middle of the ladder and she turned back and saw standing next to her the Mother of God. According to the discription from the young girl, She was very beautiful and was dressed in a white and blue garments. There was a cross on Her just like one a priest wears. The girl said that She was looking at her with tenderness saying some nice words to her but the girl could not remember the exact words that She spoke. Then She started to walk away and disappered as if walking into the sea. From that day forward the girl was healed from blidness. There was many witnesses of this amazing miracle!

The Spring of St. Panteleimon (on the left) and The Mother of God of Kazan (on the right).

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