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Korennaya Bell Tower

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Bell Tower Movie

NOTE: Music for this movie is Greek Orthodox

After you enter the front gates of the monastery the first thing you see is the wide and long steps leading too the Bell Tower. As you walk down to the tower it gets bigger and bigger. The walkway sends you thru the middle of the arched walkway. As you enter the archway you will see a beautiful Icons that are in need of repairs but are being restored by some of Russia Orthodox Churches best iconography artists. The Bell Tower has monks' cells on both sides of it. As you exit the Bell Tower, you enter the main courtyard and you will see the main Church building on the left.

In the summer of 2006 Korennaya Hermitage was waiting on special Icon painters to repaint the Bell Tower archway with monasteries wall paintings called frescoes. These experts will bring back that extra special feeling when you enter into the monasteries main courtyard. Many other needed repairs and upgrades were done this summer thruout the monastery.

The walls of Korennaya Bell Tower keep lots of history. The beautifu frescous depict the Gospel stories reminding about how loving and humble was the Lord when He was amoung people and how the sick were stretching hand to their Healer... Many people would stop and kiss the frescous or touch them with their forheads. The pictures are so impressive and easily move your heart.. I love to stop and spend a moment close to them.

O Lord, please stop the wind of passions in our hearts and give us peace, love and humidity.

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