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Directions to Korennaya (Kursk Root) Hermitage

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Arrange for your international flight to Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo". From here you can take a taxi or bus to downtown Moscow. I suggest if you have packed light to take the small van bus taxi to the first Moscow Metro Station. It is nice to bring a copy of the metro system map with you. The problem is the signs in the metro stations are all in the Russian Language but once you get on the train maps are on the walls in both English and Russian. Taxi will cost up to $100 dollars to go directly to Kursk Station. You will pay the highest amount if you do not speak any Russian or look like vistor to Russia. Just the way it is - sorry!

Seattle, WA to Moscow, Russia is 5217 miles (8396 km) (4533 nautical miles) plus Moscow to the Korennaya Hermitage is another 500km. Kursk has an airport but not for international travel. So most foreigners will travel thru the main Sherenetyevo Airport in Moscow. You might also be able to go to Kiev, Ukraine and then take a train to Kursk. But I would suggest the Moscow route as I personally have never found cheaper air tickets to Ukraine from Seattle, WA.

Directions From Sherenetyevo Airport
(click on Metro map & City Map to see a larger maps)

Coming from the Sherenetyevo Airport the first metro is the north dark green (Solntsevskava) metro line at the Rechnov Vokzal metro station and you need to switch at the first metro crossing dark red color (Belorusskaya) to the Kurskaya metro station located on the main dark red circle line (Koltsevava) and the dark blue line (Arbatsko-Pokrouskava).

You can catch the KURSK-MOSCOW train at 10:00 pm called Kursk to Moscow Train. It is a newer train and you can select to share a closed 4 person cabin or the open cabin train cars. I like this because after a long flight we are tired and will sleep on the seven hour trip.

Comfortable Kursk train leaves Moscow at 10:00 PM daily and arrives in Kursk at 7:00 AM. On the way back, it leaves Kursk at 10:00 PM and arrives in Moscow at 7:00 AM. See:
Moscow Metro Map

Train to Kursk, Russia

When you arrive at the Kursk Train Station you can use the city bus to get to the bus station to catch the Korennaya bus ride. It takes about 60 minutes ride to reach Korennaya then you have a ten minute walk to reach the front gates of Korennaya Hermitage.

Kursk railway station is situated close to downtown Kursk, and it takes about 7 minutes by car to get to the center.

But if you go directly to the Monastery, it is might be best to use a taxi especially if you take the night train from Moscow which arrives in Kursk at 5:00 am in the morning. In the summer the taxi costs about $15 in the early morning up to $25 in the busy afternoon. It is about a 32km (19 miles) drive NE of Kursk.

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