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The Monastery was opened at the decree of the Tsar Feodor Ioannovich in 1597 and dedicated to the Icon of The Mother of God "The Sign" of Kursk Root Hermitage, which the Tsar ordered returned from Moscow to the Hermitage where it had been found in 1295 according to the legend. Copies of the miracle-working Icon were carried with the Russian army during military campaigns (the battle of Poltava, the battle of Borodino, the Crimean campaign). There are about 15 monks at the Monastery and many more pilgrims and workers.

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Russia 306050
Kursk region,
Zolotuhinsky region,
Svoboda, Sovietskaya St., 17


Religious processions with the Icon have been performed between Kursk and Korennaya Hermitage since the year of 1618.

Every year on the 9th Friday after Paskha (Easter) the copy of the Icon is transported from the Kursk Znamensky Cathedral to Korennaya Hermitage in Svoboda and is returned to Kursk after September 12th. See: Kursk Root Icon Procession



At present the Kursk Root Icon is in the Sviato-Troitzkiy Cathedral in New York.

05-01-2008 - American and Russian Orthodox Clergymen Hold Joint Service in New York - Orthodox Procession Brightens New York

American and Russian Orthodox Church clergymen held a joint service at St Nicholas Cathedral in New York on Saturday. The service was led by the head of the Patriarchal parishes in the United States, Bishop Mercurius of Zaraisk, and the Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Gabriel of Manhattan. The miracle-working Kursk-Korennaya Icon of the Sign was brought to the cathedral before the service. It was carried forth in a religious procession after the service.

Joint Easter-tide services were never held at St Nicholas Cathedral before. The service involved over 60 clerics and hundreds of Orthodox believers. For the first time, the Kursk-Korennaya Icon of the Sign, which is considered to be the guardian of the Russians abroad and a pearl of Russian cultural heritage, was used during the service, the secretary of the manager of the Patriarchal parishes in the United States, Hegumen Josef said.

As the Orthodox Church marks the first week after Paskha – Bright Week - believers in New York have been celebrating the occasion with a religious procession through the streets of Manhattan. The clergy in Russia say the parade symbolizes the worldwide unification of the Orthodox faith. Many say this service is the culmination of an 80-year journey towards the worldwide unification of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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