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Korennaya Pilgrimage

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Korennaya Hermitage Pilgrimage!

Faithful pilgrims have visited this Holy Monastery for many centuries in order to rest, pray, and be spiritually revived before returning to their life and struggles in the world. Visiting this Holy Monastery is indeed a special blessing, where you can get your life recharged and acquire a more intent life in Christ.

Many monks, pilgrims, and visitors have felt God's special presence here at the Korennaya (Kursk Root) Monastery. We rejoice to God when others are able to come and share this Blessed Monastery and join us in prayer. Always remember while visiting the monastery that a monk have left the secular life and be respectful.

There are only a few guest quarters for pilgrims who would like to stay at the monastery. It is very important for all who are interested in pilgrimage to make prior arrangements before you arrive at the Monastery. Many pilgrims find that they experience a deep and emotional spiritual uplifting. Day trips are enjoyed mostly by local Christians. There is now a new large hotel just as you enter into Svoboda behind the bus station and also the nice but smaller hotel on the main street. Many people come just to receive the special Holy Kursk Root Spring water. Visit the Korennaya Visitor information page for more detailed information on visiting a monastery

Pilgrimage to Korennaya

There is a nice Hotel in Svoboda (the name of the place where Korennaya Hermitage is located).
Visit this web page about the Kursk Region for a list of Kursk hotels. Kursk is about 32km from Svoboda and the last bus leaves for Korennaya at 6:00 pm.
Address: Kursk region, Zolotuhinsky region, Svoboda, Sovietskaya St., 17


Information About Korennaya Hermitage

The extensive grounds and buildings at Korennaya Kursk Root Orthodox Monastery in Svodoba, about 30km North of Kursk. It is set on the edge of a hill and the Holy Spring is by the river at the bottom of the hill. As you enter the Monastery grounds from the main entrance gate at the end of the main street of Svoboda, on the right side you will see the large old monastery hotel that is still waiting for major repairs to be completed.

Then below to the right hand side is the monks and pilgrims quarters. There is a wide set of stairs going straight down to the Bell Tower which you can see as you enter the Hermitage grounds. You will walk thru the middle of the large Bell Tower which has some monks quarters on both sides of it. The monastery hospital and monks quarters will be on your left side and then the largest Monastery Church that flows all the way down to the Holy Spring by the river. On the right side straight across from the main Church you will see another building for monks and visitors. This building has a great location by being in the middle of the Monastery.

On the knoll of the hill there is a statue of Saint Seraphim of Sarov on a stone praying. Saint Seraphim of Sarov was born and raised in Kursk. To the right of the statue is a road leading to the cemetery and the orchard. There are large steel steps leading straight down to the Kursk Root Spring and the steps have four benches to rest and enjoy the view from as the steps are steep and the view is beautiful. The steps follow along next to the Monastery covered steps leading to the Original Kursk Root Spring Church where the Kursk Root Icon was found in 1295.

Next to the river you can see changing rooms for visitors where they get ready to enjoy the river swimming. Just past it there is monk dipping tank (kupalnya) that is filled from the Holy Spring water. There is another dipping tank being set up for ladies but is not completed at this time. People use the dipping tanks all year long (even at the winter!) because of their special Holy Water.

Just below the Kursk Root Spring there is a small bridge that crosses the river and leads out to the Monastery fields. The Monastery cows and sheep cross this bridge a few times every day in the summer. There are two lower trails leading both ways to six other Holy Springs.

Enjoy your visit!
Thousands of people from around the World come to visit this very special Russian Orthodox Holy Site each year!

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