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Respectful & Modest Guidelines

You're invited to attend this beautiful and sacread place in Russia!

This is an Orthodox Christian Men's Monastery of worship and prayer. You are invited to attend the daily services with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy every morning and Vespers every evening: see Schedule of Services. There is no "religious police" in Orthodoxy but I have seen people both men and women being asked to leave the Church until they can return with the proper attire. It is very easy to forget how you are dressed especially when traveling in the summer months. Also, for the monks, modestly dressed might not be what you might consider to be modest, so here is a little guideline on modest and respectfull dress for men and women.

Out of respect for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His Mother and His Holy Church, for those who worship here, for one's own self-respect, and according to the Holy Tradition and ancient customs of the Orthodox Faith, suitable and modest attire and behavior are earnestly requested of all guests and members. We are striving to follow the Apostolic traditions to the best of our ability and would expect that all who come to our services will also attempt to do the same.

Korennaya General Rules

Short pants are not allowed anywhere in the Church for both men and women above 10 years of age.
Women's skirts should cover well below the knees; no sleeveless shirts or halters; no bare midriffs.
Men should wear long pants. No beach, sports or athletic gear, equipment or attire.
No T-shirts with slogans logos, pictures or mottos and never any type of tank-tops.
Shirts and blouses should be modestly buttoned.
Men, please remove caps or other head-covers.
Women may cover their heads.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside, nor is it permitted on the steps or directly in front of the church.
Food is not allowed to be brought into the Church neather is gum.
Women should remove their lipstick before kissing icons.
When the Holy Doors to the Altar are open, you should stand up facing the Altar with all your attention.

A Few More Guidelines

Do not stand or sit with hands in pockets and do not fold arms behind you or across your chest.
If you need to sit down, do not cross your legs.
When the holy Chalice is brought out for Communion, you should remain standing.
The bread and wine are only for those who have received Communion.
Candles are dedicated offerings made by the faithful; they are not to be disturbed nor removed and an assigned monk will be working with them.
Please do not disturb the oil-lamps.
Please do not enter the balcony.
Please do not let doors slam shut behind you.
If for any reason you must leave at any time, please exit quietly.
Always turn the cellular phones off before entering Church.
If you are not feeling well, or have any problem or question, those at the candle counter in the narthex (lobby) will be glad to help you.
The reception of Holy Communion is given to those who are baptized members of the Orthodox Church and have prepared themselves by fasting, prayer, participation in the divine services, and Confession.

It is Russian Tradition to confess your sins before you take Holy Communion each and every time!

Please remember: These are guidelines and Russian Customs - so think ahead and let your Christian love show itself!

Monastery gates are locked at night. If planning to arrive while dark, please make arrangements ahead of time or see you in the morning service.

Blessed are they who come in the name of the Lord!

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