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Kursk Monasteries

Kursk Region Monasteries

Temples are the monuments of history, architecture and spiritual culture. Russian saints such as Pheodosiy Pechersky, Seraphim of Sarov, Ioasaf of Belgorod were praying in them for the whole world. The sound of Church bells is heard all over the city. They used to call the cathedral bells “velvet”. Sergievo-Kazanski Cathedral is one of Rastrelli's masterpieces of architecture.

Znamensky Monastery

Erected in 1826 at the place of the original Church of the miracle-working Icon
"The Sign". The name Znamensky (which means the sigb in Russian) is firmly connected to the Icon which was found at the roots of a tree on the bank of River Tuskar. There is the one-domed Voskresenskaya Church next to it. In the center of the city you can see the huge silver dome of Znamensky Cathedral. The golden cross on its top looks as if it blesses the city. It is one of the largest in the country. In this cathedral the Korennaya icon was kept. Now it is the most sacred thing of the Russian Foreign Orthodox Church. The icon was found in 1295 and the Monastery Korennaya Hermitage was built in this place more than 400 years after. Now this Monastery with its wonderful Springs is a place of pilgrimage for religious people from around the world.*Address of Znamensky Monastery: Russia 305000, Kursk, Lunacharskiy St., 4.

Sergievo-Kazansky Cathedral

Built in 1778 in memory of St. Sergiy of Radonezh and the icon of “Our Lady of Kazan”. One of the Cathedral's side-chapels is dedicated to St. Seraphim of Sarov, a native of Kursk. There is the building of the Kursk Theological Seminary and Sunday School for children situated in the Cathedral yard. Guests to this Church will see the beautiful masterpiece of 18th century built in Rastrelli's times, an architectural monument and an example of Russian classicism. Services begin at 8-00 am and 6-00 pm. Address: Kursk, Gorkogo St., 27

Sviato-Troitsky Convent

There is no precise data about the time of the convent's foundation. In the scribes' documents it is mentioned in 1631. Closed in 1923, re-opened after a decision by the Holy Synod of All-Russia in 1994. Address: Kursk, Gorkiy St., 13

Sviato-Nikolaevskiy Monastery

First mentioned in written sources in 1505. There are three one-domed churches situated on its territory: Nikolaevskiy (built in 1753 by merchant Ivan Shelikhov, father of Russian seafarer Grigoriy Shelikhov), Vozdvizhenskiy (1733), Troitskiy (1747) and a bell tower. Services begin at 7-00 am and 5-00 pm.
Located in Kursk region, city of Rylsk

Nizhne-Troitsky Temple

Built in 1734 at the place of the initial city of Kursk. There are iconography workshops of the Kursk theological seminary attached to the temple. Services begin at 7-00 am and 5-00 pm. Address: Kursk, Gaidara St. 30

Kursk Eparchial Administration -

The Kursk-Belgorod eparchial administration was in the city of Belgorod till 1833. First it was headed by Metropolitan Feodosiy. Since 1984 the eparchy has been headed by the archbishop of Kursk and Rylsk Juvenaliy. Working hours: weekdays 9-00 am to 5-00 pm. Address: Kursk, Lenin Sq. 55, Tel. (0712) 56-48-63

Monastery of the Nativity of The Mother of God in Korennaya (Kursk Root) Hermitage

The monastery was opened at the decree of the Tsar Feodor Ioannovich in 1597 and dedicated to the icon of The Sign of Our Lady of Kursk-Root, which the Tsar ordered returned from Moscow to the Hermitage where it had been found in 1292 according to the legend. Copies of the miracle-working Icon were carried with the Russian army during military campaigns (the battle of Poltava, the battle of Borodino, the Crimean campaign). Religious processions have been performed here since 1618. A copy of the icon is transported from Znamensky cathedral in the city of Kursk on the 9th Friday after Paskha and returned after September 12th. Address: Kursk region, Zolotuhinsky region, Svoboda, Sovietskaya St., 17

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