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Future of the Kursk Root Icon

I had mee in 2002 the Metropolitan Yuvinaly of Kursk & Rylsk at the Korennaya Hermitage and we talked about the Kursk Root Icon. He was so full of love and grace. He said the Icon will return but it is still on a mission trip and is needed by the ROCOR. He said that when the Icon finished with its mission it will return and no person will keep it in any one place as its history has proved. He said that Russia has so very many special Icons thru out the Motherland, and the ROCOR only has this one from our Korennaya Hermitage.

The people of the Kursk Region are praying for the safe return of the Kursk Root Icon. In 2000 there was over 1,302,900 Orthodox Christians in the Kursk Region that is 11, 500 square mile of land, compared to about a few thousand in the ROCOA here in all of America. I have spoken with many people from the Kursk Region and it is only natural and logical that they are praying for its safe return. As other Orthodox Churches from around the world are sending back their icons that came from Russia, there are so many clergy laymen in Russia are praying that GOD's WILL BE DONE!

What will we, Orthodox people, see after 100 years from now as we look back? Will the Kursk root Icon still be traveling or come home to its original roots? I can see when this Icon returns to its home roots there will be hundreds of thousands of people venerating the Icon during just the Kursk Root Icon Procession one day!

The Future of the Kursk Root Icon is brighter today as this Icon is world famious has travel all over the world during the past eighty years. It may be hard to keep this important Icon only in the Kursk Region as it is needed in so many places now. But the future must certainly hold a return to its true roots. And what a rejoicing day that will be! It was such a loving deed that the ROCOR did to make such a wonderful copy for the Kursk Region to use while the people are waiting for the original Icon.


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May 17, 2007 Russian Orthodox Church Together agian!



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