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1. The Woman-Elder Misaila from Kursk length : 26.34 min.
2. "Grandmother's Prayers" (part 1) - length : 26.34 min.
3. "Grandmother's Prayers" (part 2) - length : 26.30 min.

Prepared by Tatyana Shvetsova

We offer you a narrative about an Orthodox woman from the ancient Russian town of Kursk, in Central Russia. This is a woman-Elder by the name of Misaila. With her prayers she helped thousands of people in difficult moments of their lives, particularly during the Great Patriotic war that our people waged against the fascist occupation in 1941 to 1945.

This narrative is taken from a book of recollections of her granddaughter Ludmilla Sokolova, published in Moscow in 2005. - The Rest of the Story... ************************* 01/27/2006

Prepared by Tatyana Shvetsova

A narrative of Ludmilla Sokolova, granddaughter of Russian Orthodox woman-elder Misaila, about how her grandma's prayers and her own helped her survive the terrible years of World War Two. These are excerpts from a book entitled "Grandmother's Prayers", published in Moscow in 2005 by the publishing house "Otchiy Dom" - The Rest of the Story...

llustration: L.Sokolova, "Grandmother's Prayers",
"Otchiy Dom" Publishing House, Moscow, 2005

Voice of Russia: "Grandmother's Prayers" Christian Message From Moscow 2006-02-04. Voice of Russia VOR radio network produces “The Christian Message from Moscow” in English. A narrative of Ludmilla Sokolova, granddaughter of Russian Orthodox woman-elder Misaila, about how her grandma's prayers and her own helped her survive the terrible years of World War Two. These are excerpts from a book entitled "Grandmother's Prayers". Christain Message From Moscow

Woman-Elder Misaila with grandchild Tatyana

When we with my wife and daughter were visiting with Abbot Benjamin, I asked him what he knew about the Woman-Elder Misaila from Kursk. As it turned out he had a lot of information about her and also invited us to go with him to visit her resting place. It was such a blessing to be with Abbot Benjamin for the afternoon trip. We traveled South from the Korennaya Hermitage to just inside the city limits of Kursk and then turned East for about 14 miles to the Lady-Elders old homested site. This site is still a very important place to the Orthodox Christains from the Kursk Region.

The cementary was a short distance from the main road and was just a smal country road. We visited the gravesite first and her resting place was kept up very nicely and you could tell many people had used the pathway to vist her. After reading about her it was such a pleasure to visit her resting place. We were told that many pilgrims still come from far distances to still visit her here.

After some time we headed off to see the holy spring that was close to her home and well known for healing miracles. The water of the spring was very cold and had a nice fresh taste. The spring was at the bottom of a smill hill close to the river. We saw a nun that was visiting the spring. The nun had some stories about the Elder Misaila that she was telling to Abbot Benjamin. Many local people come here for the Holy Water all year long.

We set off for the Elder Misaila's old home and within a few minites we were at the front gate. To our great suprise and joy the grandaughter of Elder Misaila was visiting from Moscow and spending the weekend at her grandmother's old home. It was so nice to speak to her about her grandmother in person. She invited us into the small room that the Elder Lady Misaila used for visiting with the 1000's of people that came to her for prayer and advise. The room has been kept just as it was when she was using it. It even had her original icons on the walls just as if her office was still in use. It was so peaceful siting and talking about her in that special place. The visit took longer because the stories needed to be translated and Yana did good job translating everything in English for me!

It was such a nice afternoon trip and we were blessed with getting to know a little more about this remarkable Orthodox Christain woman and how God helped so many people thru her love and prayers. Hopefully someday more stories will be translated to English so more people can learn about the Lady-Elder Misaila from Kursk. I have included some photos that we had taken and also added some that were given to us by Tatyana Shvetsova. You can see larger photos by clicking on the link down below. I hope to have another visit with her someday.. if it's God's will and I'm blessed with another trip to Russia.

 Woman-Elder Misaila of Kursk Large Photo Album

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